Can you generate qualified leads without purchasing expensive (and usually obsolete) mailing lists?  With the the right content, you can. In this case, the content was packaged as a series of eBooks containing educational, non-promotional content focused on the target audience.  The result – over 500 qualified leads.

CustomerAyehu Software is a startup company operating in the IT Software Management space,  providing solutions for automating IT tasks and responding to critical incidents. Ayehu’s objective (probably the most common marketing challenge on earth) – generate leads with minimal costs.

Solution: Together with Ayehu’s customer-facing team, we identified several topics and problems with high relevancy to prospects – mid-level IT managers  running the day-to-day operation of data centers. We put together industry-specific content that helps IT personnel do their jobs better, and tried to aim high making the content not only usable but enjoyable. See some of the eBooks.

Next, eBooks were promoted via various LinkedIn groups related to the IT industry, as well as other channels.

Results: Over 1500 downloads, with a high percentage of qualified, top-of-the-funnel leads. With quality lead nurturing activities, some of these will eventually turn into sales prospects.

Compared to other lead generation alternatives, such as contact lists and cold calling, our eBooks are considerably more cost effective, producing surprisingly high-quality leads.” – Gabby Nizri, Ayehu, CEO


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